Crafting with the kids

Here are some simple projects I made with our kids during the holidays. The first is a bouquet of flowers made from egg boxes. I got this idea from mama Lieveheersbeestje. Check out… Lees verder

Finally some Christmas decorating

Aah, I finally got around to some Christmas decorating and even some crafting with the kids! Here is the result of our Christmas decorating: I made this collage with this great little tool,… Lees verder

Pay it forward

One highlight of the last week was a package in the mail from mama Lieveheersbeestje: Thank you very much, mama Lieveheersbeestje! The tissue holder is just wonderful! And I have to keep my… Lees verder

How do you do it???

I am watching all you girls making these amazing handmade gifts, holiday decorations and so on… And I am asking myself how you are able to do all that? The last few weeks,… Lees verder

New scarf

I am home sick today with a neglected bladder infection that has resulted in a kidney infection… ouch. One good thing has come from it though: that I had the time to finish… Lees verder

I want!!

Ooooh, I was surfing the internet and I came across this: Isn’t that amazing!!! It’s the Fatboy Headdemock. I want, I want, I want! I can see myself and my kids snuggling up… Lees verder

No FO’s

Pfff, I’ve been very busy lately, unfortunately, I hardly had any time to craft, although I did some crocheting in the evenings, I am working on a blanket to lay over our sofa… Lees verder

My first doll quilt!

I finally finished it! My first doll quilt ever! Okay, I admit, I made a few mistakes and did the binding totally wrong, but nevertheless I’m very proud of it. And before I… Lees verder

Belgian waffles

Yesterday afternoon, I had four kids instead of two, so I decide to make waffles… mmmm… While the kids were playing, I also made these felt keyrings, one for Emma and one for… Lees verder

Autumn holidays

While cleaning out the attic, my son found some old Turkish money and an old purse. My daughter was very jealous, since she also wanted to have a purse! You know how children… Lees verder