Books I am reading

Recently I bought two great Dutch craft books. The first is the book ‘Knutselen: creatief plezier met kinderen’ (‘Crafting: creative fun with kids’) written by Catherine Woram. This is really the best book… Lees verder

Crafting with the kids

Here are some simple projects I made with our kids during the holidays. The first is a bouquet of flowers made from egg boxes. I got this idea from mama Lieveheersbeestje. Check out… Lees verder

Finally some Christmas decorating

Aah, I finally got around to some Christmas decorating and even some crafting with the kids! Here is the result of our Christmas decorating: I made this collage with this great little tool,… Lees verder

Pay it forward

One highlight of the last week was a package in the mail from mama Lieveheersbeestje: Thank you very much, mama Lieveheersbeestje! The tissue holder is just wonderful! And I have to keep my… Lees verder

How do you do it???

I am watching all you girls making these amazing handmade gifts, holiday decorations and so on… And I am asking myself how you are able to do all that? The last few weeks,… Lees verder

New scarf

I am home sick today with a neglected bladder infection that has resulted in a kidney infection… ouch. One good thing has come from it though: that I had the time to finish… Lees verder

I want!!

Ooooh, I was surfing the internet and I came across this: Isn’t that amazing!!! It’s the Fatboy Headdemock. I want, I want, I want! I can see myself and my kids snuggling up… Lees verder

No FO’s

Pfff, I’ve been very busy lately, unfortunately, I hardly had any time to craft, although I did some crocheting in the evenings, I am working on a blanket to lay over our sofa… Lees verder

My first doll quilt!

I finally finished it! My first doll quilt ever! Okay, I admit, I made a few mistakes and did the binding totally wrong, but nevertheless I’m very proud of it. And before I… Lees verder

Belgian waffles

Yesterday afternoon, I had four kids instead of two, so I decide to make waffles… mmmm… While the kids were playing, I also made these felt keyrings, one for Emma and one for… Lees verder