Fun with letters

Inspired by the framed letters that the Shopping Sherpa made, I went ahead and had fun spelling letters with Flickr.   A few days ago, I bought some simple wooden frames at Ikea… Lees verder

Quick-and-easy rice pie!

I love recipes that are quick and easy to make. This is a recipe that really everybody can make! It’s so simple and quick and it tastes delicious! 6 tblsp of selfraising flour… Lees verder

My first little doll!

She’s finished! The first doll I ever made! Isn’t she cute? Thanks mama Ilse for the quick delivery of the material and the pattern and I didn’t need your help after all! I… Lees verder

Tissue holders

Monday was the first day of school and I took a day off to bring the kids to school. The rest of the day, I tried sewing a few things. I made these… Lees verder

Bunnies and muffins

A few days ago, I stenciled a t-shirt of my daughter. It was a plain pink t-shirt from H&M. I used transfer paper and the stencil of the bunnies I found at Stencilry.… Lees verder

The mountains

The second week of August, we went for one week to Nauders, in Austria. It is a lovely village in Southern Tirol. We stayed in a great hotel: Mein Almhof. The hotel has… Lees verder

Back to our daily routines!

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun. This week I started working again and next week school starts again. I’ll tell you more in later posts about what we did during the holidays.… Lees verder

Felt monster

Hehe, I’m back! Our floor in the living room is finally finished and the sewing machine is back on the table! Yesterday, the kids were at our neighbours and I used the free… Lees verder

Jam and hamster

We have a new pet: Sissi, the hamster! She ’s a Chinese dwarf hamster, very cute, but not tame yet, she still bites us if our fingers get to close. This week it’s… Lees verder

Almost summer holidays!

Only two days left of school and then the summer holidays start! The kids then have two whole months to play and have fun! Hopefully the weather improves fast, because now, it feels… Lees verder