The mountains

The second week of August, we went for one week to Nauders, in Austria. It is a lovely village in Southern Tirol. We stayed in a great hotel: Mein Almhof. The hotel has… Lees verder

Back to our daily routines!

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun. This week I started working again and next week school starts again. I’ll tell you more in later posts about what we did during the holidays.… Lees verder

Felt monster

Hehe, I’m back! Our floor in the living room is finally finished and the sewing machine is back on the table! Yesterday, the kids were at our neighbours and I used the free… Lees verder

Jam and hamster

We have a new pet: Sissi, the hamster! She ’s a Chinese dwarf hamster, very cute, but not tame yet, she still bites us if our fingers get to close. This week it’s… Lees verder

Almost summer holidays!

Only two days left of school and then the summer holidays start! The kids then have two whole months to play and have fun! Hopefully the weather improves fast, because now, it feels… Lees verder

My first bags!!

Jihaaa! I just made my first bags! I am so proud of myself. I used Jordy’s tutorial and it’s really easy to follow! I can’t wait to make some more, but I haven’t… Lees verder

Brazilian quilt

This little quilt was given to my husband. It was made by the mother of his Brazilian colleague. Beautiful isn’t it? I especially like the vibrant colors. I wish I could make something… Lees verder

Corners of my home

I read a lot of blogs and what I always like is when people are showing corners of their home. You feel you then become a little bit part of their daily life.… Lees verder


I used to spend every spare moment I had on making jewelry, especially necklaces. Now, it has been a couple of months since I made something, I think I had an overdose. I… Lees verder

Gardening with kids

Recently I bought a book about gardening with kids. It is full of wonderful projects and I immediately went to the garden centre to buy some stuff I needed for the two projects… Lees verder